Everyone recognizes that famous yellow bottle!

Ever wonder how Forever Aloe Vera Gel® is manufactured and bottled?

Aloe Vera of America (AVA) is proud to give us an insider look on how one of our favorite products is produced and quality tested, from start to finish!

The stabilized, raw aloe gel is pre-processed and stabilized at the facility in Mission, Texas before being delivered to AVA in Dallas.

At AVA, the raw gel undergoes a series of tests at the Quality Control Lab to ensure that the gel has is of the highest potency and quality. Once the raw gel has been given the stamp of approval, the real magic begins!

The gel is brought to the compounding area where it is mixed with other ingredients to create the proprietary formula of Forever Aloe Vera Gel®. Once the manufacturing process is complete, samples are taken to the Quality Control Lab for evaluation.

After the bulk product has been evaluated and released for packaging it is directly fed into the packaging equipment via a dedicated transfer line from the mixing tanks specially designed to maintain the product quality during movement.

The empty yellow gel bottles are fed into an automated de-palletizer, which systematically removes the bottles from their storage.

Next, the bottles are coded with a lot code and expiration to make sure that they can be tracked as they are shipped and used all over the world.

The bottles are mechanically checked to ensure that all necessary information is printed on each bottle before being rinsed. After rinsing, each bottle enters the filling station.

The filler is located in a HEPA filtered enclosure where each bottle is then filled and sealed. Each bottle is then checked for proper weight using an automated system.

The filled bottles than travel through a cooling chamber to drop the temperature of the gel before the cap is applied by an automated capping system.

The bottles then pass through an X-Ray machine before being fed directly into cases. Each case is then verified by weight to ensure the correct number of bottles is contained and then placed onto pallets by the robotic pallet stacking arms.

After the packaging process is completed, samples of the final product are taken to the Quality Control lab for final release testing.

Once the testing is completed, the product is then released for shipping to one of our many distribution centers.

Over the course of the manufacturing process a total of 158 individual quality control tests have been performed.

The production of Forever Aloe Vera Gel® has been perfected through the combination of state of the art equipment, robust quality processes and highly trained and passionate employees who constantly work to maintain the high quality that Forever is known for!

We are proud to say that we are able to maintain our industry-leading standards because our products’ quality is designed into every component of the production process.

AVA Quality Processes

In addition to the quality processes related specifically to the manufacturing of each product, there are several other quality and process checks implemented by Aloe Vera of America. From weighing each ingredient to adding them to mixing tanks, each task is independently checked and verified.

The manufacturing process is performed by following an approved, robust set of instructions to ensure that all steps are followed and critical control points are met.

This helps to ensure that Forever products are consistently manufactured each time.

Other checks include verifying the equipment and tools used during manufacturing are cleaned and sanitized, that all raw materials have been appropriately tested, released and appropriately staged for manufacturing.